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Fortress of San Miguel - Campeche

The Fort of San Miguel is located to the west one of campeche and is one of 6 fortifications that were constructed to the neighborhood of the city, this acts it was finished in 1801 and it possesses drawbridge, police officer's body, official's quarter, store of gunpowder, his corridor of access is of wavy form which was avoiding the access of the enemy.

Nowadays it is a museum that contains some stelas that were found in the archaeological zone of Calakmul, large masks and necklaces of jade, jars, censers, jars tripods, glasses that the former Maya were using and that were found in the excavations of the different archaeological sites that there is in the zone of campeche, since edzná, tiger, tabasqueño, etc.

The museum is I divide in the following rooms.

  1. The gods
  2. The time
  3. The power and the war
  4. The effect of the life
  5. The Mayan world.
  6. The diversity
  7. Jaila
  8. Calakmul to come out of the death
  9. The archaeology of campeche.

In the top part of this fort you will have a panoramic sight of the sea and Campeche's city, also you will be able to see the former cannons that they find to the neighborhood of the whole fort, this they were serving as batteries to protect to the city of the assaults of the pirates.

Since coming to the fort of San Miguel?

If you come in car we recommend to you to take the avenue of the levee, spending the monument to the flag he drives even after finish the levee a 1.5 Kms and sides a sign that he says Loudly of San Miguel, there there is a street that goes in ascent, this is the entry towards the fort.

If you travel in bus and you did not rent car, you can ask a taxi driver to take you up to the fort, we recommend to you to agree on the price before to approach - the taxis are of red obscure color.

Gallery of the Fort of San Miguel - Mayan Museum

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