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Tour in Isla Aguada and Terminos Lagoon

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The tour start on the fishing pier located along the boardwalk of Isla Aguada, the first thing done during the trip is an activity called "search for dolphin where you can find these beautiful mammals in their natural habitat foraging, some of them already have become accustomed to the presence of fishermen, so it will come into the boat without fear.

It is an unforgettable experience to see them swim and play alongside the boat, there will pass under the dock that connects Isla Aguada and Ciudad del Carmen.
Then we take a small island in the middle of the Laguna de Términos called "El Arenal", here are a variety of herons, gulls, pelicans and frigates.

We recommend you walk slowly and not make too much noise so that they can observe closely.

Also here you can see live snails, crabs, crabs and fish, no doubt go the other end of the island you put together a wonderful collection of seashells of various sizes and colors.

From there we went to the island of birds very close to the mangrove area, the guide turned off the engine of the boat to get close so you can almost touch the birds that live in this area.

We recommend you bring water, sunglasses, sunscreen biodegradable, hat, camera and / or video.

In the protected area of the Laguna de Términos inhabits a wide variety of birds in the wetlands region there are crocodiles, fish and various species of crabs. This region has been considered a sanctuary for the reproduction of the dolphins, hawksbill turtle and the manatee.


Rates Tours

Cost: $ 800 MX Pesos
Capacity: 1-8 Persons.
Includes: Life jacket and walk around the lagoon of terms, search for dolphins, island beach and island of the birds ..

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