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Mayapan Mayan Ruins

mayapan, yucatan

He was a Maya City of post-classic period, is located in the southern state of Yucatan.

Its population alcanso a number of 12mil people, Mayapan was founded by a group of experts who COCOM to associate with the Mayan culture - Toltec. Mayapan was central league Mayapan confederation bringing together the chiefs of Uxmal and Chichen Itza.

This archaeological site you can find a main square containing buildings and religious and civic administration.buildings stretching as traditional platforms and pyramids which are the main pyramid, the "Castle of Kukulcan" in Chichen Itza.

This city is not in bunas conditions as other archeological sites looted and then almost completely destroyed, however you can find most interesting buildings and temples all around the main square since this was a capital city.

Mayapan City was built like Chichen Itza. Its main buildings are copies of the capital of the Itza.

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