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X lapak - Puuc Route

xlapak mayan ruins, puuc route

X Lapak (Old wall)

It’s located 38 km southeast of Uxmal on freeway 261 and at the junction with interstate 31. This zone has a handcraft store to buy some souvenirs.

In this site have been discovered many important Mayan buildings, one of them richly decorated with masks of the God Chaac. (God of the rain and water). Going through it and discover its archeological jewels is a real pleasure for the visitor.

Xlapak belongs to the Puuc region and had a glory age between 600 and 1000 A.C.

The same way as most of the inhabitants of the Mayan area, the people of Xlapak were dedicated to agriculture, they use to build chultunes to catch the rainfall water. They were deeply religious and adored Chaac, God of the rain whom it depended the loss or achievement of their crops.

xlapak mayan ruins, puuc route

This archeological site is divided in two groups:

Group 1 is formed by two structure over a basement, the most important one called The Palace, is formed by 9 rooms in 3 rows of 3 each. It has 3 entrances at the north side, 3 at the south side and one in each one of the other sides. Above each entrance there are three rows of Chaac masks.

The first building of group 2 is a very similar construction to the Palace; the main difference is in decoration, which presents little columns and stones known as “chimez”.