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Yal Ku Lagoon, Akumal Riviera Maya

akumal Riviera Maya, akumal bay 

This wonderful lake view that only invited to plunge into its clear waters, is the mouth of an underground river that mixes with the sea, so its water is brackish (mixed fresh and salt water).

The site has parking and toilets, do not rent equipment for snorkeling which is recommended.

The wave is so smooth at the join where the lagoon and the sea that is imperceptible, there are rocks that allow the fish abundance multicolores the golden little cows, parrot fish, blue fish barbers crossbow, urchins, sea stars, damsel and sergeants .

Yalku Lagoon, Akumal Riviera Maya

Note: Remember that hedgehogs are poisonous please do not touch because they could easily pierce the skin.

You can also observe seabirds such as herons, cranes, pelicans, egrets and gulls.

To access the lagoon you have to pay a fee of approximately $ 10 USD, this money is for the protection and maintenance of the lagoon.

No use of sunscreen, and food consumption. And the number of visitors to the lagoon is limited

Yalku Lagoon, Akumal Riviera Maya