The maya were great sailors, during the late post-classic period they had a large network of maritime trade routes, from Veracruz to Honduras, which greatly influenced in the cultural homogeneity that characterizes them.

The cannoes were built by hollowing out large harwood tree from the jungle.

Some of their vessels had a capacity for up to 40 oarsmen and had a prow and stern that were higher than the rail which made them more stable and easier to maneuver.

Maya Sailors

All through the coast they created constructions used as shrines and at the same time as signals for high risk areas like crags, coral patches o the position of certain inland sites, indicating navigable waterways or the routes to follow.

This was the case of Tulum.

The castle and other structures served as indicators for sailor as they were located in front of breaks in the reef formation which are the only areas vessels can use to maneuver their entrance or exit between the open sea and the coast.

Bonfires were probably lit in front these structures of on top of small altars.

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