Campeche Typical Clothing

Campeche Typical Clothing Women.

Women tended to wear Campeche Typical Clothing four times a year at the carnival and the festival of San Juan, San Román and La Purisima Concepsión. At that time the patrons gave him his servants the full regalia, which over time became the traditional garb of women Campeche.

Women hearty, especially those living within the walls, seen at first the “blouse” with a blouse or shirt that retains the same shape at the top of the original blouse, the blouse is embroidered by hand with black thread around neck, square and the sleeves and neck. The reasons are inspired embroidered coat of Campeche to the front and onion and squash flowers around the neck and arms, the former is more colorful and rich in beauty, reflecting on the merits of an embroidered linen embroidered cotton yarn black with the symbols of the shield of the city walls and ships with sails in an attitude of arrival.

The shore of the neck and sleeves is drawing up a short lacy black thread with the same needle that have embroidered the “cross point”, this assemblage is known as “dot” or “loin.”
Saya skirt or reaching to the ankles is calico and gingham, taffeta brocade thin stamped or Spanish, sometimes Olan ends with the same fabric which is called “washer.” Under the skirt is a white skirt (the woman is by nature relentlessly folksy and clean), called slip, collection like the skirt.

Complement the dress a beautiful shawl of Santa Maria, who can lead with great panache, this shawl has definitely replaced the scarf or shawl that was previously carried.
And finally flip-flops or sandals, made of hard soles and patent leather in black on the shoemakers who toil in a row with white embroidery. These sandals are reminiscent Moorish.

The points are projected upwards on the back heel soon as the dancers who like to harmonize with the musical sounds heel hit the dance, folklore. They adorn their hair with tortoiseshell combs, semicircular inlaid with gold, coins and precious stones. Around her neck hangs a thick gold chain called “Solomonic halter.” Sometimes they are so long, spread over three laps of the neck, reaching to the navel region. This halter can invariably six of ten dollars ancient coins of pure gold and topped by a Spanish doubloon or an image of pure gold weighing.
The earrings are coins and sometimes a pigeon’s egg pinned to his ear, holding the wings and beak, respectively, short chains that end in fields of gold. Her hair is a long braids and colorful ribbon of color.

The Typical Clothing Men of Campeche.

It consists of a Filipina in white linen with gold buttons, black trousers and a red silk sash around her waist, tied to the side and hanging with frayed ends. Some dances require the bandanna or scarf mestizo, etampes red with Indian origin and straw hats. The shoes are sandals that are sometimes replaced by closed black patent shoes.

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