Carmen City Campeche

Carmen city was to settlement of various groups during the pre-Hispanic steal, mainly Mayan Chontal, and was also used ceremonial ace centers where is worshiped the goddess Ixtchel, numen rainbow fertility, motherhood.
Surrounded and re-dressed in prodigious and exuberant vegetation, the island of Carmen, also known as ” The Pearl of the Gulf “, in Campeche’s condition, Mexican Republic, possesses beautiful natural attractions that they make it bloom in a resplendent panorama to the eyes of everybody.

It is located to the southwest of the Peninsula of Yucatan, in the part west of the Island of Carmen, who is placed between the Gulf of Mexico and the lagoon of Terms.

Also it stands out for being an important center of operations of Mexican Oils, which supports in Campeche’s probe the most important area of exploitation of Hydrocarbons of Mexico.

In addition it is located in one of the regions of the south-east of the country by major tourist potential, on having possessed important natural attractions. From the economic point of view, Carmen is the most important city of Campeche’s condition.


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