Hacienda San Luis Carpizo is located in the municipality of Champoton just 15 km from the municipal capital on the road 286, towards the city of Carmen.

This estate belonged to Don Jose Maria Carpizo, was agricultural production and sperficie of 200 ha.
It is in perfect condition since it was restored by the Navy of Mexico to host school there to the Marine Corps since 1999.

On the facade of the main house reads ” Omnia Vincit work ” (work conquers all). We khan say that the condition is excellent for the restoration was almost all the main corridors of the estate including the acasillados and laborers.

It is to large court off the main cas cobbled streets plough flanked by Hamlet. Every detail you have been rescued, and the network color of the walls along with old and whimsical designs of their builders prints to highly originally. It khan be accessed on request but not absolute veers round in tourism.