Pomuch is a simple population who has the particularity of which a great majority of his former houses were constructed by carved stones that were extracted from Xcochac’s nearby archaeological site.

In Pomuch the most important celebration is realized in April, initiating on the first Wednesday after the Good Friday; on a Sunday before initiating the activities there is lowered the image of the virgin of the Purest Concepcion, mistress of the villa, to be dressed in a new pomp donated year in year by some family that has done a promise to him. This act removes I end ten of the morning and at three o’clock in the afternoon it is deposited in his altar.

The next day, after the traditional language Mass every day in the morning, is carried out at four later began the first run, with herd bulls recognized the region, concluding with the first dance festival people.

In the days after others happened dancing and bullfights. At the end of the calendar of festivals, people gather in the Catholic church to accompany the image during the procession in her honor near the church.

Also in July the low income people organizing the novena to venerate the Virgin of the Conception. During the nine days “darksome” the people in charge of preparing traditional sweets and drinks are distributed to attendees after the ninth, amid fireworks and dancing the famous “bull.”

And for the month of August the people “wealthy” people’s organizing another novena to the same activities. From 27 November to 8 December, the population again shows his devotion to the patron saint of the place with the same tradition as manifested in July and August.

53 km northwest of the city of Campeche on Highway 180.

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