San Francisco Cobem is capital of the Mexican state of Campeche and head of the municipality of the same name. It is a historic fortified city on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico in the Yucatan Peninsula.
Despite its importance, the city was under the command of Calakmul, a city located south of the state that controlled much of northern Guatemala and Campeche and is probably the largest archaeological site in Mesoamerica.

It is renowned as one of the few walled cities of America and the only one in Mexico. It retains an excellent historical heritage, one of the reasons why it was declared Cultural Patrimony of Humanity by UNESCO in 1999.

This place as capital of the state is home to major educational and cultural centers of the state, and from the economic level, stands as an important commercial and tourist center.
South of town are the following endangered species: the sapodilla, logwood, maxixe, PUCT, mahogany, cedar, guayacan chaca and ciricote.

In the tropical forest: the cocoyol, guano, grass, fleeing and kapok.

Species that are endangered: alligator, pheasant, jaguar, macaws, powder mountain, deer, snakes, pigeons, the hawk, the tlacauache, armadillo, etc..

In its marine life is the Chacchi, mackerel, snapper, halibut, skate, shark, snail, etc. And those that are in danger of extinction: the branch, the white shrimp, lobster, loggerhead, hawksbill turtle, the blue grouper and conch.

Mostly the weather is warm and humid with summer rains (June to October).


Bordered on the north by the municipality of Tenabo, east with the municipality of Hopelchén, the south by the municipality of Champoton and west by the Gulf of Mexico with unlitoral 60 km.

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