Cave Chocantes o Zastuntunic

Zastuntunic is a natural cavity that is located just 2 miles from the edge of town to the west, has closed mouth dolina snail in which they walk down about 50 meters downhill, you come to three large vaults leading up to a narrow tunnel in which it must cross land breast dragged 300 meters, four legs and hump this cave is a huge cavity with amazing waterfalls of minerals that resemble snow in your walls and floors, as well as huge curtains and multiple formations karsologicas unique in Mexico.

The cave is considered an extreme sport not for people who suffer from claustrophobia or the heart, its route is 7,800 meters. Time to walk nine hours, is recommended to bring old clothes and shoes anti skid, drinking water, food, batteries, knee and elbow pads, bathing suit to enter the crystal formations avoiding damage.

If you want to visit the caves you should contact Mr. Mario Novelo who is a caver, paramedic and rescuer.

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