Yaxnic, Tekax Yucatan Travel

Yaxnic is an open cavity where man drilled a well to draw water to feed animals in the 1970s, the passage of time started to dry the water table so it was attempted several times to extend the tower which in the end opens two natural cavities on both sides to a depth of 60 meters absolutely vertical in your shot all to reach the water table is 120, with only 1 kilometer route with narrow passageways and chambers of approximately two 10 x15 feet.

This cave is the most striking of its kind karsologia single crystal, being different formations that Mother Nature does not cease to surprise us, though the pace of the ignorant man has left his footprints in their walk and destruction even with a lovely eccentric speleothems , glass curtains, et.

If you want to visit the caves you should contact Mr. Mario Novelo who is a caver, paramedic and rescuer.

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