Cenote Aktunchen is located only 107 km from Cancun in the heart of the Riviera Maya, 4 km past Akumal and 16 miles before the ruins of Tulum is the wonderful natural park “Aktun chen” in Mayan language means cave with cenote inside.

In an area of 400 hectares. (988 acres) of virgin rainforest, where you only have exploited Chicozapote called gum tree over 100 years ago, are developing natural and ecological tours to 100%.

The Aktun chen tour actually begins from the moment you leave the paved road and goes into the rain forest by a beautiful journey of 3.5 miles of lush vegetation and a beautiful dirt road, concluded that in the front of the park, which will be welcomed by one of our spider monkeys in complete freedom. Arriving at the reception you register and be assigned a guide, which will take you through a period of approximately 1.45 hrs. beginning the journey through our Serpentarium, where you can see and learn from more than 15 species of snakes of the State. Viewing from the harmless and arboreal traps, to the dreaded and deadly Nauyaca or four noses.

Aktun Chen Park, Riviera Maya

In the park have found three cenotes cave inside one of them, the principal, has been carefully matched with the same stone steps of the cave and indirect lighting discreetly placed in order to provide greater security, comfort and highlight the most of the great beauty of the thousands of formations of calcium carbonate, made by the slow seepage of water through 5 million years, the guide also will explain everything about the cave formations, ages, different minerals , the most important uses were given the ancient Maya civilization.

Several figures made by the water in a natural way, which to be leaking and running down the walls of the cave is the rock carving and molding as an artist, leaving behind near-perfect figures, which along with anger enjoying the immense amount stalactite and stalagmite

Aktun Chen Park, Riviera Maya

At the end of the tour of the cave, within the last living of it, is the beautiful cenote Aktunchen; Single cenote in the Riviera Maya where swimming is not allowed because it has a very slow movement of water and a layer of Calcium carbonate sediment over 7 meters in thickness, which is very fragile and with minimal water movement spreads muddying the water and killing all the beauty of this beautiful sanctuary of nature.

The cave can be accessed by anyone, regardless of age, provided the person can walk by itself, has even been covered by people who require the assistance of a cane, as well as people suffering from claustrophobia; This is because over the course of the cave, in addition to the entry and exit, there are three natural vents in the jungle, making it very airy and not causing a sense of closure.

Aktun Chen Park, Riviera Maya

Leaving the Cenote, is one back in the jungle, where in an area of 3 hectares is conducting a breeding project and reintegration of endangered species in the State of Quintana Roo, such as: Tail Deer white collar boar, parrots, toucans, Oko Pheasants, Agutí, Sereque, Coati Mundi, kinkajou, Chachalacas Etc. .. The young and the surplus will be released in order to be seen in their natural state for visitors to access roads and around the park.

One of thethe main objectives of this national park is to show visitors the natural beauty of the state , helpingpreserve the flora and fauna of the Riviera Maya , playingand releasing wild species in danger of extinction.

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