Located just steps from the road to Tulum can easily admire the Cenote Car Wash, is easily accessible and this kindness was initially used as taxis laundry until it became a tourist stop offering its visitors a completely natural landscape and because of this stay was that name.

Surrounded by nature is just beautiful can be seen as the birds fly above him in search of food, the sun’s reflection show through its clear waters the plants that live in and the diversity of fish seeking refuge in them, Here you can snorkel as there is plenty to do inside as well as swim and cool off a bit. With an area of 50 meters and a depth of 2 to 3 meters this is the ideal place to spend a full day because it has the necessary facilities.

This can also cenote diving and that is connected with several underwater passages in which really incredible formations of stalactites that will leave you amazed, the place does not have diving equipment but if you want this sport need to contact you with people who dedicated to this and they will provide the service.

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