Cenote Kantun Chi

Cenote Kantun Chi is located in the heart of the Riviera Maya. This is an ecological park and its name means “yellow stone mouth” in Mayan.

This is a wonderful fresh water cenote. You can explore our underground cavern with its exceptional natural beauty in this magical paradise. You will live an unforgettable experience as you relax and enjoy the natural wonders.

Cenotes are extraordinary natural formations. They are formed when rainwater seeps through cracks in the limestone, dissolving soft areas of Bido rock to acid rain. Over time, roofed underground rock caverns are formed. Some of these caverns can be quite large, when the water eventually dissolves most of the limestone covering the caves, the roofs collapse, forming these breathtaking sinkholes.

The cenotes were the water to the ancient Mayans and the local wildlife. The Mayans believed that cenotes could purify their souls and before entering a cenote either to collect water to drink or bathe, the Mayas performed a ceremony to ask permission to the water gods “Chac and Aluxes”


The “aluxes” were human beings living in the jungle who hid from human sight. It is said that at night, when everyone was asleep, they emerged from hiding and walked the forest. The Maya believed that if they are treated well, aluxes would protect them from jungle plants, animals, pests and other diseases but also they were known to keep away most negative energies.

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