The Cenote X-Batun is located 49 km from the city of Merida, the road from Merida-Muna, deviates at kilometer 39 to the right towards the former cacao plantation. Arriving at the former Hacienda San Antonio Mulix, take a dirt road from 2.3 km to reach the site.

You can enter your car or rent a bike, either way the dirt road surrounded by wildlife in the region makes it a unique experience. During the tour you will feel that you get away from noise, stress and intention, you will start to relax and enjoy the scenery, just when you feel that you can not on arrival in the X-Batun cenote.

To really get a palapa with a table and chairs to enjoy your food if you’ve been on one side is a house with two changing rooms. The cenote is located in a not very deep ravine, surrounded by rocks and plants. All around you hear the songs of birds that often come down to drink in their home surface lilies and insects and when they check in front of you dare to watch crystal clear waters, fish, and the cave that she is .

Upon entering you feel the cool waters are ideal for summer time as it becomes a refuge from the heat, is deep so it is recommended to bring vest and supervise children. In the can swim, dive snorqueliar and the cave is an experience, probably the X-Batun cenote is one of the places you should not miss.

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