Located on the road to Tulum, just 15 minutes from town, the Cenote Zazil Ha in Spanish means “clear water”, was discovered about 30 years ago and has since undergone several changes to achieve a complex eco activate tourism.

With a depth of 2.5 to 3 meters will leave you amazed by the green jade and crystal clear waters that let you see every detail of its beauty, its edges are covered with wooden floor so that from any point you can admire its beauty fear could slip.

The Zazil-Ha cenote is ideal for swimming, esnorkeliar and especially for diving, since it has a cave that will take you to a chamber known as The Tears named for its stalactites in the form of drops, with a depth of 8 to 35 meters covers a distance of 2 km in which it communicates with other cenotes as Car Wash and the calavera, drawing attention to the fans of this sport.

There are changing rooms, a restaurant-bar, cabins, bathrooms, parking, equipment rental and attention from their caregivers, is the ideal place to escape the heat and cool completely.

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