Tekax, is located south of the state of Yucatan for about an hour from the city of Merida, Yucatan, and is within the region known as Puuc surrounded by hills and its main attraction, the caves that the Mayans were the doors to the underworld.

Tekax means “Place of the woods” and has very interesting colonial buildings to visit as the parish of St. John the Baptist, the church of San Diego and the Chapel of the Eternal Father.

We recommend you also visit the Santa Maria which has extensive gardens, a chapel, the hull of the estate, etc.

For lovers of ecotourism and extreme sports we recommend you visit some of the hundreds of caves that are in Tekax.

Caves chocantes
Caves ixmaa it
Caves Yaxnic
If you want to visit the caves you should contact Mr. Mario Novelo who is a caver, paramedic and rescuer.

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