Reefs in Cozumel. The Punta Sur ecological reserve is situate Reef of cozumel, snorkeling cozumelsnuba Cozumel among the reefs of Colombia and Maracaibo and covers a great variety of natural scenery.

Extraordinarily rich in life and beautiful scenery, but recommended only for experienced divers familiarized with diving to great depths, is the famous “Garganta del Diablo” (Devil’s Throat) where the diver will be introduced to the cave opening at a depth of only 50 feet and reaching a depth of 130 feet.

The reefs of Punta Sur, visited less often than the other points, are found to be more brilliantly colored in its marine plants. The depth for diving there is 60 to 70 feet at the highest coral peeks, to a depth of 90 to 110 feet at the sandy bottom.

The most famous site of the island, perfect for diving. Located 2 kilometers (1.2 miles)from the coast and 3 kilometers (1.8 miles)to the south of San Miguel. It is one mountain of coral filled with intricate formations. The shallowest parts are between 6 to 12 meters (18 to 36 feet) and the deepest between 30 and 37 meters (90 to 110 feet). This reef offers all that a diver could hope for: healthy coral colonies, fans of red coral, enormous sponges, caves, canyons, corridors and pronounced depths, large grouper, eels and every variety of reef fish that can be imagined.

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