Swim With Dolphins, Isla Mujeres

Dolphin Discovery in Isla Mujeres is located just 25 minutes by boat from Cancun and has different programs to swim with dolphins in which they can perform some of the different activities with the dolphins as they are: the song of the dolphin, ride dorsal, kissing, shaking hands, hugging, foot push, snorkel with the dolphin, belly ride, and of course time will have some free time.

Select the type of swimming that you want and book now.

  1. Sea Life Discovery Plus
  2. Dolphin Royal Swim
  3. Dolphin Swim Adventure
  4. Dolphin Encounter

Please note that participants in the dolphin swim programs and guests can decide whether to remain in the Dolphin Discovery location to relax, enjoy delicious food and cool drinks, enjoy the fun facilities and activities, or if you prefer, you can go and explore the island on their own.


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