The site’s history begins with the arrival of the first inhabitants to the region of Los Lagos, who settled in small houses and villages around the permanent water bodies that are here.

At the beginning of our area (around 2000 years ago) the construction of monumental structures that formalize the city and its political-religious centre started, in the place today we know.

Starting from that date their expansion and development continued reaching their biggest splendor among the years 600 and 900 of our era, becoming a city that controlled a wide territory that should include the resources of surrounding areas as the Lagoon of Bacalar. Their strategic location allowed it to participate in the wide existent net of political and commercial exchange between the north and south regions of the Peninsula.

Afterwards their power decreased, but the site remained populated until the arrival of the Spaniards conquistadors

The architectural groups that can be visit correspond to the city nucleus and they present different styles, constructive stages and remodeling. The Great Platform on which five buildings of ceremonial character were erected stands out as well as the building 24 of civic functions.

Chacchoben was the biggest Pre-Columbian city found in Lagos region.

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