Mayan Ruins

Dzibilchaltun Mayan Ruins

Dzibilchaltun in Maya means (The place where there is writing on the stones) Referring to the many memorial stones found at the site, also called “trails”

It is located at km 14 of Merida road, Progreso and 52 km from the archaeological site of X-Cambo, the site where they obtained salt, a very commonly trades product.

The settlement covers approximately 19 km squared and originally had a specific center to it, in which around 8,400 structures were found. The core is has numerous monumental buildings covering approximately 25 hectares. In the rest of the area you can find many scattered pyramids and buildings. It is believed to have had a population of up to 40,000 people which makes it one of the largest ancient cities in Mesoamerica.

Just down certain trails, the number 19 is considered a masterpiece of Mayan sculpture, made of “real masonry” (stones joined by hardened mud and specific angles) and the vaults built with the system of protruding stones.

The Temple of the 7 Dolls or Sun Temple

The main structure is known as “The Temple of the 7 dolls” or “Temple of the Sun, a square substructure that once was a monumental temple, where one could observe a solar phenomenon, where the Mayan sun god showed its feathers of fire through the gates of the temple during the first days of spring and autumn, due to the mathematical precision of the Maya. This precision and knowledge of the ancient Maya show us today to understand the wisdom of this civilization.

Cenote Xlacah

On the other side, at the peak of the central plaza on the western side is the cenote Xlacah (Pueblo Viejo) one of the largest and deepest cenotes ever found in Yucatan. From this cenote archeologists have rescued a large number of archaeological pieces, mostly vases and pots. This cenote’s crystal waters are covered with lilies floating on the surface that have been eternal witnesses of the greatness of this place. Adding to its beauty, the sun pierces in and hits the water and makes it shine.

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