Kabah Mayan Ruins are located 23 km. at the southeast of Uxmal near the freeway 261; the right detour in the 16th kilometer has been interpreted as “Lord with the powerful hand”. This city was always in the Mayan culture soul, even after the Spanish conquest and is mentioned in ancient texts like Chilam Balam, that’s why it’s supposed it was a place as important as Uxmal.

Kabah Mayan Ruins, Yucatan Travel

It is noticeable by a large occupation and its strategical location. Has a little neighborhood with a central temple that works as a landmark for the entrance to the city. From this point on, the density of buildings goes up until it ends up at the big Arc, the entrance to the monumental area.

Late Classic Period (600-900 A.C) has been defined as an age of improvement, developing, and declination, even though there is no doubt that sites with the magnificence of Kabah, Uxmal, Sayil and Labna have records that go back to the Early Classic Period (250 b. C. – 800 A.C)

In general there are some architectural elements that communicate with the nearby regions, For instance, El Peten. The crests at the front of the temple and the modeled decoration over the facades. This symbols are fully integrated with the Puuc Style without losing their individuality.

Thanks to the available information we know now that Kabah´s extension is comparable to Uxmal. Only in the Palace an the Poop have continued the works of archeological research. Kabah was decelerated National Park in 1993.


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