Merida Yucatan

Hanal Pixan, Day of the Dead

On October 31 people make display altars for their loved ones who have passed called “Hanal Pixan” or “food of the souls” this is a Mayan tradition. During this event there are 119 “Hanal Pixanes” altars and many, many people from the area will participate in the state of Yucatan, including schools and government offices.

This sample of Yucatecan traditions is being represented in the shape of a Mayan hut, and inside to honor the deceased in the altar they adorn it with candles and also offers the traditional “pib” (chicken), tamales, pan de muerto , chocolate, fresh oatmeal, yucca with honey and fruits of the season as the tangerine, orange, grapefruit and jicama, the altar dedicated to children are decorated with traditional toys such as spinning, the okra, wooden carts and for adults their favorite liquors, cigarettes if they smoked, and/or favorite food.

The first day is dedicated to the souls of children that have passed and the second day to adults.
Among the representations of “Hanal Pixán” there were huts, wells, pigpens, chicken coups, cemeteries, etc.

Also, some people tasted the food after the prayer.

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