Merida Yucatan

The International Festival of Mayan Culture

THE INTERNATIONAL MAYAN CULTURE FESTIVAL was conceived with the goal of it being a trajectory not just a date on the calendar, it contemplates the implementation and development of permanent actions that propitiate the study, diffusion and expression of beings still alive in our culture through diverse manifestations: visual and scenic arts, literature, music, gastronomy, science, among others.

THE INTERNATIONAL MAYAN CULTURE FESTIVAL is an opportunity to continue building spaces of contact between Mayan Yucatecan people of today with those who visit, this is in everyone´s best interest to strengthen their knowledge, especially of our mutual interaction with the environmental.

THE INTERNATIONAL MAYAN CULTURE FESTIVAL will recognize the greatness of this civilization and its conception of the world; it will establish a compromise with contemporary generations to grant  THE COSMOGONY the essential place it rightfully deserves in our planet.

This Festival that began its activities and its presence in the field of culture, tourism, academia and economy in the world, was launched on the 21 of December of 2012, a year in which a cycle ended and a new one began in the Cosmogony, in Astronomy, in Mathematics, and in the Mayan solar cycle.

This Festival took place in this first year with the theme: “Time” and in the subsequent years they were each developed with the following concepts: in 2013 “Time in the Landscape.”

In 2014: “Time and Landscape in Mayan Architecture”.
In 2015: “Landscape, Time and Architecture in the Mayan Science”
And in 2016: “From Language to Imagination in Time, Landscape, Architecture and Science among
the Mayans”.

In these last five years, THE INTERNATIONAL MAYAN CULTURE FESTIVAL has carried out more than two thousand events, and has had an attendance of approximately one million spectators.

FICMAYA 2017: Cosmogony and the Preservation of the Planet
The universe and our planet are in constant dialogue. Since the dawn of humankind, throughout the foundation and consolidation of even the oldest civilizations, humans have felt the need to imagine and explain the origins of life, the planet and humanity. The Maya were no exception to that rule. In the context of this idea, long studied by men and women of all ages, the original concept for the sixth International Festival of Mayan Culture (FICMAYA) in 2017 will be “Cosmogony and the Preservation of the Planet,” from October 19 to November 5.

Yucatan will once again host the FICMAYA, the largest academic, scientific, intellectual, artistic and aesthetic meeting since its beginnings in 2012. This year’s guest country will be Canada, with Mexico City as the national guest. Program highlights include the roundtable “Cosmogony and Mythology among the Maya” and the global conference “Ancient Cultures’ Cosmogony and Mythology for the Preservation of the Planet,” which take place October 24 – 26.