At sundown Merida “The white city” is transformed into a city of celebration and laughter offering many spectacles for free. For example the “Vaqueria“, the nights of Serenade in Santa Lucia and the Noche Mexicana in Merida’s famous Paseo de Montejo. On the weekends you can enjoy many spectacles in the heart of Merida where the restaurants of the downtown offer live music performances nightly.

nightlife Merida, Mexican Night Night Mexican

In Merida many diverse options of entertainment exist, such as coffee shops, bars, restaurants, clubs. The bars and clubs include many different musical styles including karaoke, cumbia, salsa, mambo, reggae, danzon, rock and pop. You can enjoy the whole night of partying, drinks and dancing until sunrise.

Nightlife Merida, Mexican Night Merida Yucatan

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