Every year there is a “soul walk”, in which the hundreds of living dead walk from the general cemetery until they arrive at the Church of Santa Isabel.

Throughout the walk you can marvel at over 130 altars of the different departments of the government. People from different neighborhoods, schools, neighbors and stores are all happy to show off their altars and place them for all to see how much they mean to them.

Wearing traditional costumes singing prayers and offering incense, filling the streets of nice smells and songs also could see some representations of characters, icons of our country such as Maria Felix, El Santo, Pedro Infante and others. To further enhance the mood there are 3 platforms where mariachis with skull masks sing their music. You can hear the musicians and you can’t miss the traditional pre-Hispanic music.

There are people dressed as undead wandering around the downtown area and they become the center of attention because people stop them often to take a photo and be a handmade souvenir.

Children, teenagers and adults keep coming and make the whole journey. Without a doubt this is a tradition that brings family together and gets passed down from generation to generation.

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