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Sian Ka'an - Riviera Maya

sian kaan, Riviera Maya mexican caribbean 

The Biosphere Reserve of Sian Ka'an which means gate of heaven, is part of the geologic region of the Yucatan peninsula, whose main characteristic is the integrity of its topography and its surface consists mainly of limestone, which prevents the formation of surface water and to the outcrop of some wells that are known as Cenotes.

On the coast of this biosphere reserve is located white, sandy beaches, small mangrove forests, among other ecological systems.

Its climate is warm and humid, and rainy season is during the summer due to its location off the coast of the Caribbean. In 1987 the reserve was declared by UNESCO as heritage of mankind.

The region hosts 23 archaeological sites , the oldest of about 2 thousand 300 years.

It is estimated that the area was inhabited by the Mayan people during pre-and Classic.
Front to the reserve extends along 47.5 miles of coastline, the second largest barrier reef and important world's. Between May and August can be seen spawning on the beaches to four species of turtles considered endangered.

Sian Ka'an offers visitors guide service, with knowledge of the flora and fauna of the area and knowledge of Mayan culture.