Cenote is a term that is only used in Mexico and comes from the Mayan word “dzonot”which means “deep wells”, they are wells of fresh water created by erosion of limestone, soft and porous, but for Mayans, wells were a source of life that provided vital fluid for living, besides being a gateway to the wonders of a magic world and the center of communion with the gods.

Reserve an overnight stay in a Glamping adventure in Hameki and take a complete experience for an adventurous or relaxing staying with all of the different activities to enjoy either for individual people, couples, families or groups.

In Hameki, you can reserve your trip with guided visits to the cenotes and caverns by riding a bicycle a tricycle, or in a collective transport. After that, have a reconfortant bath at the showers, enjoy de swimming pool or simply relax in the hammock. Recharge your batteries with a tasty lunch or dinner with typical dishes at the nice palapa restaurant.

For your overnight stay, you can relax yourself around the fireplace and admire the stars before sleep in the Glamping, rest as in a nice hotel but in the middle of the nature.

If you don´t plan to stay overnight in Homun, after swimming in the cenotes Hameki is the ideal place where you can take a shower, enjoy the swimming pool and rest in the hammocks with a fresh drink and have your meals in the palapa restaurant that offers traditional and tasty regional dishes that you will love and get ready to continue your travel.

If you don’t have an idea how to start exploring this wonderful town don’t worry, Hameki offers you a tour in which you will be guided to the Cenotes and spend a full day of adventures.

In addition, Hameki, as an oasis within Homún, also provides facilities for you to perform any cultural, business or social event surrounded by nature.

For your convenience Hameki has a wide parking lot.



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