Located 85 kms from the city of Merida lies the fishing village “Dzilam de Bravo” have been organized to offer ecotourism boat rides where you can learn about different attractions that are nearby in the eyes of water in the region The elepeten cenote, lagoon where you can observe the different birds in the region and lizards in their natural habitat.

Dzilam Bravo Cenote, Yucatan Travel

Later she is “Las Bocas” where the river and the sea come together as well as this paragraph of civilization is a very quiet place where you can go camping and take bath in the pristine beaches, also has an eye freshwater ecology and bathroom palapa to hang hammocks.

Tours available Dzilam Bravo.


A stroll through elepeten is a journey to the source of fresh water has Xbuya, the cenote Elepeten and lagoon. the water is sweet ah xbuya a cenote in the ocean where fresh water is driven out all the time causing a constant movement in the supirficie sea.


The walk through the bocas is a journey into the natural reserve of the state where you will see all kinds of wildlife and beautiful landscapes.Also learn about places like the spring xbuya-ha cenote elepeten and lagoon.


If you want to venture to the ocean and enjoy a day fishing can also do this with our advice and service.
Includes: Transport Hotel – Dzilam Bravo Transport boat with captain, hook, twine and bait, rods, life jackets, refreshments, snacks and preparation of the fish ceviche.

Dzilam Bravo Beach, Yucatan Travel

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