Santa Rita is a small community that is located in the municipality of Chemax in the eastern state of Yucatán, to be able to access it you have to deviate a few kilometers along a paved but very worn road surrounded by a lot of vegetation. Its few settlers are settled on the shores of the road.

Santa Rita is characterized by having caves and cenotes, so the community organized and formed the cooperative called Actun Kaab, which together have adequate facilities so that visitors can explore these wonders without any difficulty.
The two caves most visited and open to the public are the Aktun Taman Grotto and the Aktun K'ab Grotto, both are characterized by having formations of stalagmites, stalactites, colonnades and cenotes inside.

The Aktun Taman Grotto which means "Sheep Cave" because inside there is a stone formation with the silhouette of a sheep. To get to this cave it is necessary to travel by bicycle a few kilometers into the Mayan jungle until reaching the mouth or entrance of the cave, once there you have to rappel approximately 9 meters, all the equipment is provided by the guides of the place, when you enter you will be able to appreciate how the vault opens and you will see its rock formations, stalagmites, stalactites and colonnades that are found throughout the entire route.

During your visit you will find small fragments of vessels that the ancient Mayans used during the time they inhabited these natural refuges, providing protection and water with vital elements that for many years helped them survive. The whole walk is interesting since you have to go up, down, crawl and climb along the way, so that when you reach the lowest part of the cave you can appreciate its cenote with crystal clear waters almost imperceptible to our eyes and cool off for a while .

The Aktun K'ab Grotto, which means "Cave of the Hand" since inside it the silhouettes of the hands can be seen very clearly in the rocks of the ancient Mayans who inhabited this place, its black coloration suggests that they could have been made, used charcoal to leave these perfect footprints. Very close to the edge of the road is this cave, its entrance is on the ground and is only 2.5 meters wide and 1.40 meters deep, as in any cave that you visit, you must be careful since the humidity and the steep road they can play a prank on you and slip you.

You will be amazed by the beauty of the place, its formations and the adventure of the road, as you will cross small cliffs, climb complicated rocks and slide between stones, making you live a true adventure through the depths of the earth. During the way you will appreciate 3 cenotes of crystalline waters, two of them can only be appreciated since the water they contain decreases or increases depending on how much rain has fallen, the third is wider and one can cool off and swim if you wish, thanks to its Crystal clear waters can be seen catfish that inhabit this place. During the tour, its stalagmites are constantly filtering drops of water that refresh and surround the cave in a humid environment. At the end of the tour you will be left full of dirt and wet but with an experience and memories that you will never be able to forget.

There are other caves and cenotes to visit in Santa Rita, discover, enjoy nature, learn and understand the use of these caves for the ancient Mayans, are some of the things that you can experience in this community.

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Explore the Caves of Santa Rita in Yucatan
Explore the Caves of Santa Rita in Yucatan  Explore the Caves of Santa Rita in Yucatan Explore the Caves of Santa Rita in Yucatan

Explore the Caves of Santa Rita in Yucatan  Explore the Caves of Santa Rita in Yucatan Explore the Caves of Santa Rita in Yucatan