Tekax, is located in the south of the state of Yucatán approximately 1:15 hours from the city of Mérida Yucatán, and is within the region known as Ruta Puuc, surrounded by hills and its main attraction, the caves that for the Mayans they were the gates to the underworld.

Tekax means "Place of the woods" and has colonial buildings of great interest to visit such as the parish of "San Juan Bautista", the hermitage of San Diego and the Chapel of the Eternal Father.

We also recommend visiting the Santa María farm, which has large gardens, a chapel, the farmhouse, etc.

For lovers of ecological tourism and extreme sports, we recommend visiting some of the hundreds of caves in Tekax.

ruinas mayas de chacmultun

Chacmultun Mayan Ruins

Chacmultun means "piles made of red stone", in the Mayan language it applies specifically to the group of buildings in the northwestern part of the site. Its name was expanded to include the entire ruin.

Gruata Ixmaait, Tekax Yucatan

Ixmaa'it Cave

It is a natural hollow of 25 absolute meters to do all kinds of extreme sport rappelling or zip-lining, it has a route of 1 km with huge cameras where you can see ...

Gruta Chocantes, Tekax Yucatan

Chocantes Cave

It is a natural cavity that is located just 2 kilometers from the exit of the city to the west, it has a closed sinkhole in the shape of a snail in which you walk downhill approximately 50 meters

Gruta Yaxnic, Tekax Yucatán

Yaxnic Cave

This cave is one of the most surprising in its unique type of crystallized karsology, finding different formations that mother nature never ceases to amaze us.