In pre-Hispanic times the town of Santa Elena was raised, from an Indigenous town of Raza Maya, discoveries of pieces of ceramics and pottery, as well as various kinds of archaeological remains are evidence of the uprising of this town.

Very little is known about its first inhabitants, but about the name of this site it is known that it was "Nohcacab" and it belonged to the Province of Tutul Xiú.

In 1627 it is known that an encomienda had already been established, until now it has not been possible to define the date of its foundation.

Once the independence of Yucatán was declared and its subsequent incorporation into the rest of the Mexican Republic, Santa Elena became part of the Ticul Party, Tekax territory.

Santa Elena became the head of the municipality of the town of the same name in 1918, when the Ticul Party was dissolved.

Santa Elena, Ruta Puuc

Santa Elena is the Parish of San Mateo stands out for its style.

This municipality, in addition to having the highest point of the peninsula, includes one of the jewels of the Mayan culture: the archaeological site of Uxmal, cradle of the cosmogonic thought of the Mayans, and an obligatory point of the Puuc Route.

There are also other archaeological sites of importance and architectural beauty, such as Kabah, Nohpat, Xcoh and Muchich.

As well as the exhibition of mummies in a local museum in the municipality.

In Santa Elena, from January 7 to 21, the Holy Christ of Love is evoked and we celebrate the Fair in Honor of Santa Elena. This event takes place from August 24 to 28 where bullfights and processions are held.

Attractions of Santa Elena

Presbiterio, Santa Elena, Ruta Puuc

Presbytery of the Church

It is separated by the canopy, with a masonry base, on which a wooden altarpiece rests.

Presbiterio, Santa Elena, Ruta Puuc

Church of Santa Elena

The building is tall and has a single body covered by a continuous barrel vault, it has two side doors, the main one facing the west.

Momias de Santa Elena, Santa Elena, Ruta Puuc

Mummies of Santa Elena

It was concluded that the remains corresponded to infant corpses that for some reason had not undergone the decomposition process.

Los Enanos de Santa Elena, Santa Elena, Ruta Puuc

The Enanos of Santa Elena

During the leveling and floor change works of the church of Santa Elena, in the state of Yucatán, 12 small coffins were found.

Santa Elena Mayan Ruins

Ruinas Mayas de Kabah en Santa Elena


Just 5 minutes from Santa Elena, heading to Campeche is this ancient Mayan city whose name means "Lord of the mighty hand" ...

Ruinas Mayas de Uxmal en Santa Elena, Santa Elena, Ruta Puuc


Legend has it that this ancient Mayan city was built in a single night, it is famous for its exquisite architecture, its most famous temples are the pyramid of the fortune teller, the quadrangle of the nuns ...

Other Attractions near Santa Elena

Chocostory, Museo del Chocolate

Choco Story, Chocolate Museum

Learn the history of chocolate, the influence of cocoa in the Mayan culture in each of its rooms in the style of Mayan houses, surrounded by beautiful gardens and orchids, ...