Known as "The Puuc Route" (Puuc means mounds), this tour includes the archaeological sites of Uxmal, Kabah, Sayil, X-Lapak, Labná, Oxkintok, Calcehtok Grottoes and the Loltún Grottoes.

In them you can find fully restored structures, others in process and some still covered with grasses, trees and dense vegetation. The latter are very similar to those that the first explorers found at the end of the last century.


Uxmal Mayan Ruins

Uxmal, surrounded by legends, myths and anecdotes; poetic in its name and its history, it is located next to a series of hills that are known by the name of Puuc, ....

Grutas de Loltun

Loltun Caves

Loltún, which in Mayan means “Stone Flower,” (this name depends on the fact that throughout the cave there are motifs of flowers) ...

Kabah, Ruta Puuc


"Lord of the strong or mighty hand." The city was always in the consciousness of the Mayans, even after the Spanish conquest and it is mentioned ....

Sayil, Ruta Puuc


Sayil means "Place of the arrieras ants". In the Mayan language, the word say is used to refer to this species of insects that ...

Sayil, Ruta Puuc


Xlapak, is located 38 km southeast of Uxmal on highway no. 261 and turn left with state highway no. 31. This area has ...

Choco Story

Choco Story

In this museum you will learn data about the processing of cocoa, from its plantation and harvest until it is on the table in your home. On this visit you will visit different ...

Oxkintok, Ruta Puuc


Oxkintok is thought to have had one of the longest periods of occupation in Mayan history, as evidence of its inhabitants has been found since ...

Calcehtok Caves

Calcehtok Caves

Inside it has a large system of interconnected tunnels and caverns, large caves populated with stalactites and stalagmites, as well as large samples ...

ruinas mayas de chacmultun

Chacmultun Mayan Ruins

Chacmultún means "piles made of red stone", in the Mayan language it applies specifically to the group of buildings in the northwestern part of the site. Its name was expanded to include the entire ruin.