Cozumel Tourism

The island of swallows receives hundreds of divers every year who come to explore its beautiful coral reefs and admire its beautiful Mayan temples.


Cozumel owes its name to the Mayan Indians who populated the island, according to Mayan legend, Cozumel was the home of the goddess Ixchel, goddess of love and fertility. The inhabitants of the area built religious temples dedicated to this goddess and as a sign of gratitude she sent her favorite bird, the swallow. Since then the Mayans named the island "The land of swallows."

Surrounded by coral reefs, it is an island full of marine life, which when exploring it leaves everyone who dares to descend into its depths astonished, however it also has a coastline of beautiful white sand beaches that contrast with the turquoise color of the sea. Cozumel was and is a commercial point of great importance, proof of this are the cruise ships that arrive at its docks, bringing with them hundreds of tourists who gladly descend to discover this natural paradise.

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