Of all the Mayan settlements known to date, the most important is undoubtedly the one developed in Oxkintok, as it has a unique and outstanding architectural design.

This place is divided into three sections, Ah-Dzib, Ah-Canul and Ah-May, apparently the surnames of Mayan families, from which it is deduced that these were the leaders of each section.

Oxkintok is thought to have had one of the longest periods of occupation in Mayan history, as evidence of its inhabitants has been found since long before our era, around 1350.

One of the main attractions of this archaeological zone is undoubtedly the labyrinth, a site where in the past rites of confirmations of the rulers in turn were carried out, who when entering this dark place, descended to the underworld to come into contact with the gods and at dawn he rose triumphantly at the same time as the sun, thus reaffirming his divinity.

Ruinas Mayas de Oxkintok, Ruta Puuc, Muna Yucatan

However, it is not the only thing to visit, as it has various structures and pyramids from where you can get a wonderful view of the great city and discover that although its area of expansion is large, there is still more territory to discover, a sample of the magnitude of the power established there.

To get there you must take the road that goes to Uxmal and take the indicated deviation just before reaching Maxcanú. Visiting hours are Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, admission is free on Sundays.