Very close to the Loltún caves and also known as X-Pukil caves, the Calcehtok caves, like those of Loltún, are among the largest in the Yucatan peninsula.

Inside it has a great system of interconnected tunnels and caverns, large caves populated with stalactites and stalagmites, as well as great samples of history, since there are some elements that are thought to be useful for its inhabitants, even today it is possible find, while walking, some ancient remains, such as vessels and other offerings; in addition to that there are also unexplored rooms.

Ceramics, deer bones, plates, pots, molcajetes, arrowheads and the odd material with which the settlers obtained and stored water have been found.

Due to the complexity of the route and the different paths that form a kind of labyrinth, it is recommended to hire the services of a specialized guide who, in addition to directing you along the way, will inform you about each element observed.

At one point in history, an attempt was made to dig a well near this place, the surprise was to discover a stone carved in the shape of a deer, which is why it was decided to name it Calcehtok which means flint deer throat.

In addition to exploring the caves, it is possible to abseil outside, although a specialized guide and equipment is also recommended in this case; You can also visit the other caves near this site.