The Sambula cenote is located in the small town of Pebá, it is a beautiful underground cenote that will immediately surprise you.

To get to it you have to take a dirt road, after traveling approximately 200 meters you will see the entrance very well marked. The fee to access is approximately $ 10 pesos. Although a cooperative for its care is still being formed, its inhabitants have taken care that it is kept clean and accessible to its visitors.

Cenote Sambula, Cenote Peba, Abala Yucatan

An opening in the ground marks the entrance to the Cenote Sambula, its stone stairs take you directly to its shallow waters that in hot weather can reach 1.60 meters, while when it leads it can reach 2 meters.

Its fresh and crystalline waters invite you to take a dip, you can also observe its beautiful formations of stalactites and stalagmites throughout it.

For greater comfort, their caregivers made a small platform surrounded by a concrete bench so they can rest and place their things while enjoying this wonderful cenote.

Cenote Sambula, Cenote Peba, Abala Yucatan

Location Map of Cenote Peba