Punta Laguna

In this place also live coatis, jaguars, pumas and various types of birds among which the Tho´ bird, the cu-cu bird, toucans, parrots, golden eagles, peregrine falcon and even some herons walk very close to the lagoon. .

The lagoon can be crossed in canoes, while observing the beauty that surrounds you, but if you prefer extreme emotions, dare to cross through the air on a zip line that will take you from one extreme to the other at high speed; You can also admire the sunset and if you wish, even enjoy a quiet night lulled by the voices of the species that will surround you.

Location of Punta Laguna

To get to Punta Laguna you can take the road that goes to Cobá, just where the roads with Valladolid, Nuevo Xcan and Chichen Itzá intersect, you will find a roundabout, there a sign that indicates towards Where to turn to go to Chemax, 17 kilometers later, you will find yourself in Punta Laguna.

Photos of Punta Laguna

Punta LagunaPunta LagunaPunta LagunaPunta LagunaPunta LagunaPunta Laguna