Boat Tour in Dzilam de Bravo

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A day of fishing and adventure in Dzilam de Bravo

Located on the Emerald Coast of Yucatan, Dzilam de Bravo is a beautiful port of virgin beaches and many natural attractions, ideal for lovers of ecological tourism and waterfowl watching.

When we arrive at the port we will be located in the main park next to the park where the port letters are located, there our guide will wait for us to take us to the boardwalk from where the boats leave.

Boat ride in Dzilam Bravo

We will start by getting on the boat to take a tour in front of the port boardwalk while we observe the lighthouse and the guide provides us with some ropes to do the fishing, once we have enough specimens they will take us on a tour of the mangroves where we will observe, herons, pelicans, roseate spoonbills, cormorants and if we are very lucky crocodiles.

Then our guide will take us to a natural pool and virgin beaches off the coast of "Las bocas" where depending on the season we can see pink llama and white pelicans that feed.

We will have enough time to swim and take some photos, since the depth of the water is only about 70 cm which will increase as we enter the sea.

Upon returning to the ship, our guide will take us to the famous springs of water, which are sources of fresh water in the middle of the sea, the challenge will be to swim through the eye and although the current is not very strong it will be a bit difficult, but it is a challenge you must overcome.

We will also visit some of the beautiful cenotes that are in the port of Dzilam de Bravo, which are considered virgin because they are only visited by tourists and the only way to visit them is by boat and they do not have access to the public.

At the end of the tour we will enjoy a rich and delicious ceviche prepared by our guide, which has a coconut at the entrance of the port

Observation of Flamingos in Dzilam Bravo


  • $1,300MX per Boat (Maximum 8 People, 6 Hours)

Extra Services

  • Day Pass
  • Fishing Boat Rental
  • Camping

Boat Tour in Dzilam de Bravo Boat Tour in Dzilam de Bravo
Boat Tour in Dzilam de Bravo Boat Tour in Dzilam de Bravo

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