7 Cenotes San Gerónimo

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Come enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime experience. A magical place that will transport you to the interior of the earth, where you will discover the mysticism of the Mayan culture and connect with your being.

The 7 San Gerónimo Cenotes offer you the opportunity to explore the Mayan world and create a connection with nature in a private way in a place of 250 hectares away from the crowds with personalized attention, we develop experiences tailored to the needs of each group that is received.

The site has 5 cenotes properly equipped to enter safely and 2 rustic cenotes, only 2 are visited on the tour and they are chosen according to the needs of each group.


  • 1

    Arrival at Church of Sotuta

    Established meeting point: Main church of the town of Sotuta. From this point visitors follow us in their own vehicle to the development

  • 2

    Arrival at the Main House

    Change of clothes, drink water/coffee. Helmets, bicycles, and flotation vests are provided to each member of the group.

  • 3

    Purification Bath

    In order to avoid contaminating the water in the cenotes.

  • 4

    Visit to the Cenotes

    Up to 2 cenotes are visited in one day where different guided experiences are carried out.

  • 5

    Traditional Lunch

    We return to the main house. Traditional lunch is served on the terrace or palapa.

  • 6

    Mayan Ceiba

    We visit the great ceiba, a Mayan tree over 300 years old. Finally we say goodbye to our visitors.

  • 7


    Return to Merida at 5:00 pm



  • Adults: $129 USD
  • Kids: $79 USD (8 a 12 Years Old)


  • Adults: $1500 MXN
  • Kids: $999 MXN (8 a 12 Years Old)

VIP Service

A minimum of 4 people is required (the same price applies for adults or less) and the visit to 2 cenotes is included, each one with a personalized experience.


  • Adult and/or Children: $210 USD p/p


  • Adults and/or Children: $3850 MXN p/p

Video - 7 Cenotes San Gerónimo

Cenote Péepen Chooj (Blue Butterfly)

It is an impressive cenote with crystal clear waters in shades of blue, with a depth that goes from 30 to 60 meters and about 25 meters in diameter, to be able to descend to the water mirror that is 13.5 meters below the ground you have to go down some wooden stairs, it has a platform to enter and exit it safely.

Cenote Cheel (Rainbow)

It receives this name since the color of its waters changes hue depending on the season of the year, it is an open cenote with a depth of about 50 meters and about 32 meters in diameter, it has wooden stairs to descend to the water mirror, also from a rock you can dive about 3 meters high or fly over it with a zip line.

Cenote Huub (Snail)

It receives the name because to descend to the water you have to go down a spiral staircase, which is made of wood and old truck rails that were used in the haciendas to transport henequen, it is a circular cenote semi-open and has a depth of 6 meters and a diameter of 12 meters, it also has a cavern inside that can be crossed from one side to the other.

Cenote Sujuy (Virgin)

It is a completely closed cavern or underground cenote, with crystal clear blue waters and with a depth that goes from 4 to 60 meters with a diameter of about 50 meters, it has stone and wood stairs to access to the cavern, the tour is done in the water in total darkness to fully admire the impressive stalactites and stalagmites inside.

Facilities and Equipment

  • Small rustic pool
  • Cenote pool
  • Current total capacity: serving up to 100 people.
  • Trails enabled to visit each cenote.
  • Green and recreation areas.
  • 200 life jackets and floats.
  • 50 bicycles with helmets for women, men and children.
  • 10 basic portable first aid kits.
  • A first aid kit in the main house.
  • Tableware for food service for up to 100 people.
  • 30 rustic lockers to store backpacks and belongings in general.
  • 3 Mayan type rural houses.
  • 8 showers.