Isla Mujeres

Transportation Isla Mujeres

Transportation Isla Mujeres. Although Isla Mujeres is a small island we do not recommend walking all because there are different means of transport available within it to move from north to south quickly and comfortably.

Taxi Service

The taxi stand is located just steps from crossing the maritime terminal at Cancun, the taxis are red and there also are the rates you must pay before boarding to their destination, although not the only place to address them you should know the prices so you do not pay more.

Rental bicycles, motorcycles and golf carts

Renting a golf cart is recommended if you are going to stay a few days on the island, as it can travel from north to south without spending so much on taxis, of course if you like a little more speed you are traveling alone with your partner can decide by motorcycle, but if you’re feeling adventurous sports and bicycles are available for rent.

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