The Ria de Celestun is located 90 km west of Merida, Yucatan (by Route 281) and / or 216 km north of Campeche, Campeche (on route 180) west toward the tip of the Yucatan Peninsula in the Gulf A port of Mexico full of mystery, where the most exotic geography of Yucatan, as the pink flamingo as nesting, flying, and converts the ambient sound and a beautiful natural spectacle: tens of slender birds raised for the flight fill the sky with shades of pink.

The boaters say that every day there are about five thousand flamingos. Part of the adventure are the walks through the mangroves. The boats sail through tunnels formed by the natural foliage of the trees, surrounded by the trill of birds.

You can also find extensive beaches full of coconut trees. The sea is calm and clear water. The boats of the fishermen offered a typical stamp of the coast. The sunset in Celestun is another gift of nature to be enjoyed. The old lighthouse inclined, which is located near the fishing pier, is firm, yet the laws of physics to the amazement of visitors who have found another symbol in the watchtower of Celestun.