Pez Plata, Boat Rides in Celestun

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The Pez Plata Cooperativa de Celestún offers you an excellent boat ride through the Reserve in a magnificent 2:30 hour ride, in which they will take you to the most beautiful corners of the Ría, in a completely natural environment, by what each walk is different, and the species that inhabit this place will surprise you.

Paseos en Lancha en Celestún, Cooperativa Pez Plata

When you arrive at the parador they have a large parking lot where you can leave your vehicle, in this same space are the restrooms in case you need to use them, immediately when you cross the street you will be welcomed by a beautiful parador, at the door is the tour information so you know what awaits you on this great adventure. The entrance is a beautiful tunnel between the mangroves that will take you to the seashore where the boats set sail.

When you board the guide, he will help you and explain each of the places you will visit, at the beginning we will see how we move away and go through the wide virgin beaches, the noise gradually turns into silence and is filled by the fluttering and the birdsong.

Paseos en Lancha en Celestún, Cooperativa Pez Plata

Our first stop is the old salt mill where you can still see small buildings and a huge boat where they collected water on the seashore. If we go deeper, we will find a huge salt lagoon among the mangroves that at times has golden sparkles, this with the passage of time, as in the month of May, will turn a pink tone.

To continue we will go to the area where the pink flamingos feed, but before on our way we will see how the sea separates from the lagoon, having a very marked variation in the color of the water and above all the division is perfectly noticeable While we advance we will see birds of all kinds that flutter and feed, we will enter a blind alley where the flamingos gather to eat, it is quite a spectacle to see a pink carpet in the sea and if we are lucky we will see how they take flight and they paint the sky pink.

We will resume our path, we will enter a channel among the mangroves, the change of environment is very interesting and we can admire crabs sunbathing among the roots of the mangroves, continuing with the walk we will arrive at the water hole, they have placed a wooden pier to frame where fresh water springs up in the middle of the sea, there are also many cormorants around this place among the mangroves.

Paseos en Lancha en Celestún, Cooperativa Pez Plata

To finish they will take you to take the Mayan bath, in an area of the sea in the background is the clay, in which we can extract a little and exfoliate all the skin, it is wonderful, since it leaves your skin soft after removing it. Again we will return to the starting point, the Pez Plata has palapas where you can stay and enjoy the sea at no extra cost, there are also restaurants where you can order food without having to move to another place with affordable prices.< /p>

Boat ride to Isla Arena

They also have another slightly more extensive tour, since in addition to visiting these places, they will take you to see Isla Arena and a Crocodile Farm, if you are interested, ask about this tour before hiring.

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  • We speak English
  • Boat ride on the estuary.
  • Observation of various birds such as: Flamingos, Pelicans, Cormorants, Herons, Spoonbills, Eagles, Fragagas, etc.
  • The "Baño Maya"
  • Crocodiles.
  • Lovely Beaches.
  • Interpretive Guide.
  • Life jackets.
  • A spectacular view of the port from the boat


  • Biodegradable sunscreen
  • Comfortable clothes
  • Swimsuit
  • Cap
  • Repellent
  • Camera

The Tour does not include:

  • Tipping
  • Drinks

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