Few places in the world can have a privilege to combine history, culture and natural beauty, Tecoh is one of those places.

In this place you can visit a church and convent dedicated to the Virgin of the Assumption. Built on the basis of a Mayan pyramid, the church has lots of carved stone, an impressive altar and many paintings.

A central group of buildings are arranged more or less linearly with a large open space in front, everything is circumcised by a perimeter fence. In the end points are located the main house and powerhouse.

Tecoh, Convents Route

The main house was altered in the period henequen, the building was uprooted on a large embankment and has a corridor that takes place in two points and stone columns.

The powerhouse can be considered as representative of Type 3 which is characterized by a strong expression of the wooden structure as a dominant element in the set.

Last week of May the festival of the hammocks.

Tecoh the municipality of Merida and is very close to the city, on the road to Merida – Oxkutzcab. Located 34 km southeast of Mérida.