With a distance in time of approximately 60 minutes from the city of Mérida, is the municipality of Homun, in the state of Yucatan, a town that is surprisingly much, in each of its streets you will notice the kindness of its inhabitants who invite you to get into its history and the beauties that adorn it.

Cenotes Homun Yucatan

At the entrance of the place is the cemetery, a few steps later you will discover a cenote, which draws attention for its crystal clear and fresh waters as well as spaces for the most experienced divers.

Shortly after this cenote, if you walk a little more you will notice a very peculiar house, people come and go at every moment, is the reason? Here are the Santa María caves, caverns full of stalactites and stalagmites that induce you to continue walking through its canals, accompanied by some harmless bats, dare to explore the diversity of caves that make up these caves, some somewhat flooded, others dimly lit than the others, but without a doubt all giving you a great experience.

Homun Yucatan

But Homun is not only caves and cenotes, it is also tradition and celebrations, such as those that take place during the month of July between the 6th and the 14th, when everyone gathers around San Buenaventura; the carnival festivities, those of December 12, and of course those of Santiago Apóstol, another of the patrons of the town, around whom a temple was also built.

In addition to the above, it is worth mentioning that it also has some archaeological sites such as the areas of Kampepen, Sión and Yalabau.

It is located a few kilometers from Cuzamá and Tecoh, also very close to Hocabá, Seyé, Tekit, Huhí and Sanahcat.

Cenotes in Homun Yucatan

Cabañas & Restaurante Santa Cruz

Cabañas & Restaurante Santa Cruz

Enjoy a full day of adventures in this beautiful tourist lodge located here in the town of Homún, it has various packages such as the day pass that includes access to 2 cenotes, swimming pool, vests, palapas, food or the package with cabins and for the most adventurous The extreme package on ATVs with a visit to 5 cenotes, also has a traditional Mayan food restaurant and delicious handmade tortillas.

Cenote Maní Chan, Cenotes en Homun

Cenote Maní Chan

Live an ecotourism adventure in Cenote Maní Chan that offers you a tour of 3 virgin cenotes which can be done by bicycle or ATV ...

Grutas y Cenotes Hacienda Kampepn

Cenotes Hacienda Kampepen

Its name means "Yellow Butterfly" it has 2 Cenotes, La Noria and Cenote Chenké, it has a cave called Kixné, here we can see Mayan cave paintings, we can also see the Chacmultún, the altar of the Aluxes...

Cenote Sastal-Ha in Homún

Cenote Sastal-Ha

Its name means "Water of the Dawn" and in this place you can spend an incredible day, it has a lagoon-type pool, an artificial cenote and a natural cenote with crystal-clear waters, it also has a package that includes 2 cavern-type cenotes additional...

Cenote San Antonio, Homun Cenotes

Cenote San Antonio

It is an impressive underground cenote, which is about 10 meters underground, it is quite wide and you can admire stalactites and stalagmites, it has cabins for rent, a restaurant and you can visit both during the day and at night...

Cenote Tzan Ujun Kat, Cenotes en Homun

Cenote Tzan Ujun Kat

Located at the entrance of Homun, this cenote is ideal for families with children since its waters are not very deep and it has ideal access stairs ...

Cenote San Isidro, Homun Cenotes

Cenote San Isidro

It is a closed cenote with blue waters and it is relatively small, to access it you have to go down some stone stairs and ramps, it has a platform to dive and a wooden stairs to access the water mirror, in addition to the site It has 8 swimming pools and rest areas with cabins.

Cenote Tres Oches, Cenotes en Homun

Cenote Tres Oches

The first cenote you will visit is open but it is approximately 6 meters deep, its owner enabled a path in which with the help of some handrails made of tree trunks you can support yourself to descend,

Cenote Balmi, Cenotes en Homun

Cenote Balmi

Its name in Spanish means "Guarded or Hidden", it is an underground cenote that to access it you must enter through a hole that has 2 stairs, one for entry and the other for exit.

Cenote Santa Rosa, Cenotes en Homun

Cenote Santa Rosa

This tourist stop has 2 cenotes, one cave-type cenote and an open cenote, it also has a Yucatecan food restaurant, hammock area, large gardens, Mayan sculptures and cabins for those who wish to stay.

Cenote Cancunche, Cenotes en Homun

Cenote Canunche

The Cenote Canunché which in Spanish means "Maduro Well" is located in Homun very close to the outskirts of the town, this is the largest cenote in this place.

Cenote Yaxbacaltun, Cenotes en Homun

Cenote Yaxbacaltún

This semi-open type cenote is located in Homun, the water mirror is 27 meters deep and you descend by a metal staircase ...

Cenotes en Pool Uinic, Cenotes en Homun

Cenote Pool Uinic

The Cenote Pool Uinic is located in the town of Homun, a few steps from the entrance of the town, just in front of the Cenote Tzan Ujun Kat.

Cenote Chel Paak, Homun Cenotes

Cenote Chel Paak

A relatively small cenote with crystalline blue waters, located at the exit of Homún, heading to Cenote Balmi

Caves in Homun Yucatan

Grutas de Santa María, Cenotes en Homun

Grutas y Cenotes Santa María

Combine the best of the underground, caves and cenotes, stalactites and stalagmites ... get ready to get a little muddy and cool off in crystal clear waters ...

Gruta y Cenote La Candelaría, Cenotes en Homun

Gruta La Candelaría

Enabled as a tourist inn, it is ideal to spend a family day in its facilities. It has parking, bathrooms, palapas, swimming pools and restaurant

Restaurants in Homun

Restaurant Santa Fé

Restaurante Santa Fé

We are proud to present you an authentic culinary experience, where the flavors of regional Yucatecan food meet the magic of wood and charcoal barbecues. Each dish is an expression of the gastronomic richness of the region.