Este cenote es del tipo semi abierto cuenta con área de descanso, baños con regadera y un espacio rustico para el estacionamiento, se encuentra a unos  500 mts de la calle 8 de Homun rodeado de vegetación y para llegar a el hay que conducir por un camino de terracería.

This cenote is of the semi-open type, it has a rest area, bathrooms with shower and a rustic space for parking, it is located about 500 meters from Calle 8 de Homun surrounded by vegetation and to get there you have to drive along a path dirt road.

Once arriving at the "tourist parador", the access fee of $ 10 Mx pesos is paid and you walk about 200 meters you will see that there is a metal fence that covers the mouth of the cenote because the water mirror is about 27 meters deep. .

To descend to the concrete platform you have to go down some metal stairs, we suggest you do it carefully because it is a bit steep and the steps are not very big.

The water in the cenote is blue and has two access stairs to descend, this cenote is deep so the use of a life jacket is recommended, and is shaped like a ring because the water surrounds the entire platform that has some 32 square meters.

It also has a safety rope so that it can go to one of the ends of the cenote where there is an overhang, as well as having a rope for those who want to hang themselves and from there dive.
The water is cool and many birds come to cool off.

The more estremos can practice abseiling since there is a curb of what was once the well where people drain the water.

You will also be able to observe the Toh bird.

Ubicación del Cenote Yaxbacaltun

To get to this cenote you need to take the Homun exit and drive to Calle 8 where you will turn right, you will drive approximately 900 meters on a dirt road and then at the sign, you will turn left driving another 500 meters of dirt.
Coordinate: 20.732215, -89.271922

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Cenote YaxbacaltunCenote YaxbacaltunCenote YaxbacaltunCenote Yaxbacaltun