Almost at the exit of the town of HomĂșn is the Cenote Chel – Paak or in Spanish the Cenote ArcoĂ­ris, to get to it you have to leave the road and go along a dirt road, right where the road ends .

It is barely operating, so the space and the facilities have the essentials, when you enter the reception right away where you will pay for access to the place and they will explain that the visit time to the cenote is reduced from 30 to 45 minutes per family, this is due to the pandemic and the narrowness of the place.

Later there is a palapa where you can sit down to wait for your turn to access and in front are the bathrooms and changing rooms.

Cenote Chel Paak Homun, Cenotes en Homun, Cenotes en YucatĂĄn

Immediately you will see the entrance to the cavern that has a depth of approximately 10 meters, like most cenotes it has a huge poplar tree, which right next to it are the wooden stairs that will take you first to two platforms in case wants to throw you some dives, then you will go down some metal stairs, you must be very careful since the place is narrow, these will lead you directly to the water.

Without a doubt, the small cenote is beautiful, its crystal clear blue waters contrast perfectly with the white background, it is not very deep, it is barely 6 meters, but since it is surrounded by stone walls it is difficult to find a space to rest or wait while the exit is not occupied.

Cenote Chel Paak Homun, Cenotes en Homun, Cenotes en YucatĂĄn

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Due to its small size it cannot receive a large number of people at the same time, so we recommend you visit it as early as possible to avoid crowds and be able to enjoy it privately.