Come to know the Mayan underworld in Cenotes Santa Cruz, which is located on the outskirts of Homún, just outside the town on the way to Huhí.

This place has several services such as cabins, typical Yucatecan food restaurant, temazcal, camping area, zip line and of course Cenotes.

Cenote Santa Cruz en Homún, Yucatán

Once you arrive and pay your access tickets, you will be provided with your life jackets, which are mandatory for use in the cenotes.

The first cenote is very close to the entrance, right next to the parking lot, for which we will follow the marked path and the first thing we will find are some boxes that have small holes where the Melipona bees live. which are the native bees of the region (Mayans) but do not worry since they do not have a sting so you will not run the risk of being stung, but it was very interesting to see how they enter and leave to collect pollen, you will also see that next to the boxes there is water, for the bees.

Continuing on our way we will approach the first cenote, for which we will have to go down some steps carved in stone, this cenote is the largest and is very safe for swimming, its waters range from blue to emerald green and are very crystalline and its depth ranges from 4 meters to 14 meters.

Cenote Santa Cruz en Homún, Yucatán

It also has a wooden staircase to access the water mirror and a long bench that occupies all the space in the stone vault, there you can leave your backpack with your towel and change of clothes, while you enjoy a refreshing dip. in its waters.

And in case you get tired swimming there is a safety rope that crosses from one end to the other in the deepest part of the cenote so you can relax while you admire the great stone vault above your head and listen to the song of the birds toh , who visit the cenote.

Cenote Santa Cruz en Homún, Yucatán

But don't rush, the fun doesn't end there, as we'll go up the stone stairs again and continue along the marked path to access the other part of the cenote, which is closed, but has a small opening in the upper part of approximately 2 meters where we will go down a wooden staircase, we advise you to be very careful as it is quite steep so it is not recommended for the elderly.

Once passing that part we will have a small bridge from where we can see the cenote and the stalactite formations that have been forming over the years, here it is recommended that you take some photos since the view from above is phenomenal .

Cenote Santa Cruz en Homún, Yucatán

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To then continue down the wooden staircase until you reach a kind of flooded grotto which has a minimum depth of one meter and in the deepest part it reaches 14 meters, it still has a safety rope.< /p>

If you are daring you will see that at the end of the flooded cave you can see an intense blue color, this part can be crossed by swimming underwater to go to the other side of the cenote, which is the open part where we were the first time.

Without a doubt, a great experience for those with an adventurous spirit.

Additional Services.

  • Rent of cabins and/or stilt houses
  • Camping Area
  • Temazcal
  • Zip line (where you will fly over the cenote)
  • Grotto
  • Yucatecan Food Restaurant


  • Do not use blockers or protectors.
  • Do not wear perfumes
  • Swimwear
  • Water Shoes
  • GoPro Underwater Camera
  • Change of Clothes and Towels

Location Map Cenote Santa Cruz

Contact Information Cenote Santa Cruz

  • Schedule: 10:00 a.m a 7:00 p.m.
  • WhatsApp: +52 9993-667503
  • Phone: +52 9993-287461
  • Facebook: Cenote Santa Cruz

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