Cabañas & Restaurante Santa Cruz Homún

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Enjoy an ATV adventure through the cenotes of Yucatan

Welcome to Cabañas & Restaurante Santa Cruz, a magical corner located in Homún, Yucatán, where nature is intertwined with comfort and adventure. Immerse yourself in the essence of the Yucatan Peninsula as you explore this oasis that offers a unique and authentic experience.

This charming place has two spectacular cenotes, each with its own personality. Enjoy the freshness of the semi-open cenote, where sunlight gently filters in, creating a serene and relaxing environment. Immerse yourself in its crystalline waters and discover the magic of connecting with nature.

Cenote Santa Cruz en Homún, Yucatán

If you are looking for a more intimate experience, venture into the cavern-type cenote, a hidden treasure that will immerse you in a fascinating underground world. Despite its smaller size, this cenote offers a unique and mysterious atmosphere, creating unforgettable memories.

For those who wish to extend their stay, our Mayan cabins provide cozy and authentic accommodation. Experience the warmth of local culture while relaxing in a comfortable and picturesque setting.

The Santa Cruz Restaurant invites you to enjoy delicious Yucatecan food, prepared with fresh ingredients and authentic local flavors. Delight your palate with traditional dishes that capture the essence of regional cuisine.

For adventure lovers, we offer exciting activities such as temazcal, zip lining and ATV rides. Immerse yourself in local traditions with the temazcal, experience the adrenaline with the zip line that traverses the lush landscape or explore the surroundings on an exciting ATV excursion.


Tour Pasadía en Cenote Santa Cruz

Daypass (Complete Package)

This package includes a full day of adventure with access to our 2 cenotes, a beautiful pool, tunnel, visit to the meliponary, suspension bridge, parking, use of life jackets and delicious Yucatecan food (Poc chuc, Panuchos, Cochinita, Carne Yucatecan style) with handmade tortillas.

⛔ Drinks not included

Tour Aventura Extrema 5 Cenotes + Cuatrimoto

Extreme Adventure

Live an extreme adventure in Homún aboard an ATV where we will visit 5 cenotes in total (Cenotes Maní Chan, Cleotilde, Caliskutz, Santa Cruz 2) with à la carte food, a suspension bridge and a powerful, spacious and comfortable ATV for 2 people.

⛔ This service is subject to reservation, Drinks not included

Cabañas Cenote Santa Cruz

Cabin with access to 2 Cenotes and 2 Pools

Stay in a beautiful Mayan style cabin with air conditioning, king size bed, mosquito net, hot and cold water, minibar and private bathroom, you will also have access to our 2 cenotes and 2 pools, umbrella in the pool area and a pool which is exclusive for guests

Temazcal Cenote Santa Cruz

Temazcal Experience

Experience purification and renewal in a Temazcal which will help you detoxify the body by releasing a large amount of toxins, relaxation of the central nervous system, opening of the airway channels, oxygenation to the brain, reduction of inflammation, as well as Helps and prevents sprains, muscle pain, arthritis, irritable colon, gastritis among other benefits.

⛔ This service is subject to reservation

Restaurante Santa Cruz


Discover the taste of authentic Yucatecan cuisine! in our restaurant where you can enjoy various dishes such as Poc chuc, Buried Cochinita Pibil, Yucatecan Beef, Grilled Breast, Breaded Breast, Pochchuc Nachos, Relleno Negros and the traditional Panuchos, all our dishes are served with homemade tortillas. hand.

Cenote Santa Cruz en Homún, Yucatán

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  • Do not use blockers or protectors.
  • Do not use perfumes
  • Swimsuit
  • Water Shoes
  • GoPro Underwater Camera
  • Change of Clothes and Towels

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